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Chips in the microwave

For fans of «pohrustet» — homemade potato chips in a microwave oven.

Chips must be as thin as possible to cut potatoes. This can be done using a special grater holder (it is called «mandolin»), or a simple slicer vegetable peelers.

Homemade potato chips in the microwave:

raw potatoes
favorite seasonings
olive oil or sunflower oil
How to cook potato chips in a microwave oven potatoes clean, wash and cut as thin as possible. Sliced ​​potatoes are washed several times in cold water to wash away all the starch. Washed potatoes were dried with a clean towel, pressing to potato wedges were quite dry.

Chips in the microwave Vegetable Recipes

We put on a plate for baking parchment, grease it with oil and spread it chips in a single layer, so that the potatoes do not touch. Sprinkle with salt and spices to taste.

Put the bowl in the microwave, put the power of 700 watts, time 3-5 minutes. Watch out for the preparation of chips, since the time of cooking depends on the oven as soon as the potatoes are covered with a light blush — chips ready. If you need a large number of chips — chips cook in the microwave in small portions.