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How useful walnuts

How useful walnuts

This article will look at what the nuts are useful to health, their composition and effect on the human body.

Nuts can safely be considered a full-fledged product. As part of nuts showed a lot of vitamins, minerals lot of useful oils and antioxidants.
So how useful certain nuts and what its nutritional value?

Different types of nuts have a different composition of mineral components and each represents a potential energy value.

Walnuts — the most famous and popular in Europe.

Use walnut. Walnut kernel, very similar to the human brain in shape. Energy value 650 kcal nut. The composition is vitamin A, vitamin B group and C, E and PP. From micronutrient composition contains iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, cobalt and others.

Positive effect on brain activity and is very good for frequent headaches. It is recommended for heart disease, anemia, to strengthen the liver, it is very useful for pregnant and lactating mothers, perfectly strengthens the immune system. Peel walnut may be used to treat skin diseases.

Hazelnut and walnut Lombardia — the number of protein comparable to meat, and superior on calorie foods such as milk and bread. Use hazelnut. Energy value — 679 kcal. It contains a whole group of Vitamin B1, B2, and B6, and of course C and E. According to the composition of trace elements and their combination is considered to be the most successful. The presence of polyunsaturated acids improve the body’s metabolism and slow it down aging.
Along with honey and dried apricots is the best way to prevent heart disease, and hazelnuts, raisins, as a remedy for anemia. Excellent clears toxins and is recommended for overweight.

Pistachios — the greener, more useful.

The benefits of pistachios. The number of calories varies from 558 up to 664. Depending on the type and place of cultivation. Composition contains vitamins B1 and A, E, of the trace elements — iron.

It reduces the frequency of the heart and is a good prevention against heart disease. Positive effect on the brain activity and strengthens the liver. It helps with hypertension, anemia and tuberculosis. It cleans good blood and increases the potency. In addition, pistachio oil is used in deriving age spots and freckles.

Hazelnut — nut superstitions. Its often used in alternative medicine and folk recipes.

Use hazelnut. The contents of calories — 656. In its composition has vitamins B, PP and C, a large amount of protein and vitamin E, but it has the lowest amount of fat compared to other nuts. It is recommended as a general tonic, cure beriberi, anemia, rickets.

When combined with honey stimulates an increase in the amount of milk in nursing mothers, it is recommended for rheumatism.

In the treatment of the leaves and bark. Decoction of the leaves treat intestinal diseases and urolithiasis. Decoction of the cortex — dysentery, varicose veins, trophic ulcers. More a decoction is used as an antipyretic.

Cashew — nut from the group of exotic, distant relative of the pistachio and mango.

Use of cashew nut. Calorie him — 572. Rich in vitamins A and C, group B vitamins in the composition contains iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and niacin.

Saves toothache helps dystrophy and metabolic disorders. It recommended about anemia and psoriasis. Excellent strengthens the immune system, has a positive effect on the heart and lowers blood cholesterol.
Cedar nut — a resident of the northern latitudes. The composition of calories — 674. According to the number of vitamins and minerals, pine nuts many times greater than any other nut. To list all the useful components simply makes no sense. They have been described above and are all present in the composition of pine nuts.

It is applied at high pressure, for the normalization of the heart, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis. Well normalizes the overall composition of the blood, strengthens the immune system perfect, activates metabolism. Since honey is used as anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent.

Almonds and almond — a close relative of the peach. There are sweet, and there are bitter.

Use almond. Energy — 640. The composition of vitamins B, E, protein, iron and zinc. A magnesium and calcium in almonds contains up to 40% of the daily value of the person. The phosphorus content is more than any other nut.

Sweet almonds lower cholesterol. It is recommended for tumor diseases and hypertension, ulcers, obesity, heartburn, diseases of the bile ducts and eye diseases. Almonds with sugar useful in asthma, coughs and pleurisy.

Bitter almonds are recommended for women’s diseases, problems of the upper respiratory tract and kidneys.

Peanuts — a plant of a large family of legumes, but the taste is very similar to a nut. They easily can be replaced by a nut in the preparation of cakes, pies, salads. The benefits of peanuts. Energy value — 610 kcal. The composition has a lot of protein and vegetable oils, amino acids, and folic acid. The composition comprises vitamins A, D, (raw C), E, ​​K, PP and B1, B2. Furthermore, the whole group has peanuts micronutrients.

Daily consumption of peanuts (30 grams) significantly reduces the risk of heart and vascular diseases. Peanut is the most nutritious, but at the same time from a little fattening. Has beneficial effects on the heart and the liver, promotes active growth and rapid cell renewal, reduces cholesterol and smooths wrinkles. Peanut markedly improves memory and hearing, has beneficial effects on the reproductive system.

This is helpful for nuts and so it is recommended to include this useful product in your