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Avocado as is

Avocado as is

This lovely pear-shaped fruit with a lumpy green skin — one of the few with a lot of conflicting reviews. Some like it pleasant, nut-buttery flavor and tender texture, while others wince in disgust, while others simply do not understand what to do and how to eat avocados.
Often, these «third» — the vast majority, and they do not know how to choose an avocado. After all, how often: a man came to the supermarket, he sees — are in the basket, hard, bright green, glossy psevdogrushi. The buyer takes the hardest and the most bright green fruit, and in anticipation of the food magnificent orgasm rushes home. And there he was already waiting for the brutal truth: Avocado hard as sole, delicious as knotweed and never oily …

How to choose an avocado

People learned how to import exotic food, but, unfortunately, did not understand how to use it properly. And yet, ripe avocado often thrown avenging right hand of an employee in a supermarket cart with corrupted by fruits. Ripe avocados has dark green skin, sometimes with indistinct brownish spots. Do not worry — this is often dents, indicating that in — tender flesh, and not like green apricot. But if when you feel you are not a good «compliance» pulp, then set it aside: overripe fruit, and completely lost the taste. And if you still «lucky» to take immature — it does not matter: dospevat leave it for a couple of days at room temperature.

So, avocados lies before you, delighting the eye and pleasant to excite the imagination. With what it is? And … as is the avocado? It’s very simple: cut it on the sides and gently breaking it into two halves. In one of them you will see a large drop-shaped bone. Sometimes its outer skin may stick to the other half, but that’s okay. Carefully remove it from the hollows and clean the pulp from unnecessary particles, but do not hurry to cut the top with avocado peel. If you are sure that tonight will eat the whole fruit, you can cut off the rind or choose flesh with a spoon. If not — leave it as is, and before putting in the fridge, brush the flesh with lemon juice: it is a little slow down the browning. It is, of course, the taste is not affected, but the aesthetics — very even.

In the neophyte, join the avocado, the question arises: What is useful avocado? This fruit — a storehouse of nutrients, positively affects the cardiovascular system. With regular use of Avocado risk of atherosclerosis and heart attack is significantly reduced. It will be very useful losing weight because it contains «good» unsaturated fats that speed up metabolism. Some draw a parallel between the shape of avocado and male reproductive organs and are right: this fruit is indeed one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs and has a positive effect on reproductive function. For women, it is particularly useful due to the presence of vitamins A and E, which rejuvenate the skin.

The most famous dish with avocados is guacamole. In fact, it rastolchёnnaya pulp with lemon juice, salt and heaps of other products: tomatoes, hot peppers, green, hot spices. The second-known dishes are popular with avocado rolls «California» and «Philadelphia». As already satisfying products, they become more tasty and nutritious thanks to the avocado. And in our country have become very popular salad with avocado, in which it is a key ingredient, and the rest — are added as an option.

Here’s a he, this exotic fruit — avocado as it is. And to use it or not in your diet, it’s a matter of taste and preference.