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Home mozzarella

Home mozzarella

Useful and tasty homemade mozzarella cheese from milk and yogurt.

Very simple and affordable recipe homemade mozzarella cheese: Heated homemade milk and yogurt with salt, add the vinegar and filter the curd through a cheesecloth. Give the cheese, during the day, present in the serum, and then the finished cheese store in the refrigerator.

Recipe — homemade mozzarella cheese: mozzarella recipe home

a liter of milk Home
125 grams of natural yoghurt
half a teaspoon of salt (possible)
a tablespoon of vinegar to 25%
How to make home mozzarella: milk, mix with salt, put on a plate and heated, but not boiling. Add the yogurt, stir, pour the vinegar, stir and remove from heat. Milk should curl and separate into flakes of cheese and whey.

Colander cover with 4 layers gauze, put in a bowl and pour it our formula. Cheese is a good squeeze in Marl, molding of a cheese ball, put the ball in the hot whey cheese, cover with a towel and leave in serum until cool. Then remove the bowl from the whey and cheese in the fridge for 24 hours. One day the cheese is taken out of the whey and then store it in a sealed container.

Home mozzarella suitable for the preparation of tasty and healthy sandwiches, for example with fresh tomato and herbs. It can be successfully added to salads or just to put on a piece of fresh bread and a cup of tea.