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Vegetable soup

Delicious and aromatic soup of vegetables and minced meat.

This soup is very large set of vegetables: cabbage, carrots, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes and fresh herbs. Stuffing can be used from any meat, but you can not add it at all, and only cook healthy soup with vegetables and sour cream, apply for dinner.

Soup recipe with vegetables:

500-600 grams of minced meat from any
600 grams of fresh cabbage normal
2 small onions
2 small carrots
1-2 Bulgarian pepper
2 small fresh tomatoes
fresh parsley and dill
teaspoon sugar
tablespoon lemon juice
2 table spoons of olive oil or sunflower oil (preferably olive)
2 table spoons of butter
ground pepper and salt to taste
How to cook soup with vegetables: finely shinkuem cabbage, tomatoes cut in half and rub them on a large grater, paring should remain in the hands, it is discarded.

Vegetable soup

In a skillet or frying pan heat the olive oil and a spoonful of butter, spread into the oil and fry the cabbage to its caramel color. Then add the grated tomatoes, a teaspoon of sugar, salt to taste, stir and cook until liquid evaporation.

In another pan heat the remaining olive oil and butter, spread it chopped 1 onion and fry until light golden brown. To add the minced onions and fry it until it is ready, pepper and salt to taste.

Onion, carrots and bell pepper cleanse, chopped into cubes and spread these chopped vegetables in the pan. Add to the pan ready minced with onion, pour 2 liters of water and, after boiling, cook until vegetables are tender. In the process of pepper broth and salt to taste. Then lay out the soup stewed cabbage with tomatoes and cook 5 minutes more finely chopped fresh herbs, add it to the pan, dressed with lemon juice and soup in a minute remove from heat. Try the soup to taste, if necessary, add more salt and pepper.

All vegetable soup is ready, give him 15 minutes to infuse under the lid, then pour in the dish, dressed with sour cream and invite all tasty lunch.