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Pea soup with smoked products

A delicious and hearty, nourishing pea soup with smoked meat plates.

Of smoked pork will use smoked ribs, boiled-smoked bacon and smoked sausage Krakow. Pea soup is better to choose crushed, he will seethe and make our nice thick soup.

Pea soup recipe with smoked products:

glass of split peas
150 grams of boiled-smoked bacon pig
300 grams of smoked pork ribs
200 grams of sausage Krakow
1 carrot and onion
4 raw potato
salt, pepper, bay leaf
fresh or dried parsley
How to cook pea soup with smoked products: peas, washed thoroughly with cold, plain water and left to rest for 6 hours for the swelling. Then the remaining water was drained off.

Pea soup with smoked products

In a pan pour cold water 2 or slightly more — 2.5 liters, spread peas, put on the stove and bring to a boil on high heat. Foam, which is formed during boiling peas, remove with a slotted spoon. Next, cook the peas on low heat until it is ready (about 40 minutes), stirring occasionally. Then add to the soup ribs, peeled and sliced ​​potatoes. Cook on low heat until cooked potatoes.

On a dry frying pan lay sliced ​​brisket, sausage and fry. When the meat slices slightly toasted in a pan and scroll to the required amount of fat, add them chopped onion, coarsely grated carrots and fry until cooked vegetables. You can fry a little less or a little more, it’s a matter of taste.

For 10 minutes until cooked potatoes, add the contents of the pan into the pan and continue to cook. For a couple of minutes until cooked salt, pepper soup to taste, put a bay leaf and fresh or dried parsley.

For pea soup can be prepared crackers. To do this, stale white bread cut into cubes and dries it on a baking sheet in a hot oven until slightly rosy color. And then; Ideas for dinner hot pea soup with smoked products and crackers.