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Thick, nourishing meat soup this is hashlama Armenian.

Cooking options Khashlama lot and each chef believes that his surest recipe. I did not say, but simply offers a delicious recipe Armenian Khashlama.

Recipe Khashlama:

1.5 kg of beef or veal brisket with bones
1 kg of raw potato
500 grams of fresh tomatoes
500 grams of sweet pepper
2-3 medium-sized bulbs
peas allspice
salt and freshly ground pepper
bay leaves
basil, cilantro
How to cook Khashlama meat cut into pieces, pour cold water (to lightly cover) and put to boil on low heat until tender. Make sure that the broth to boiling not much, so it will remain transparent. 15 minutes before the meat is ready, add salt to taste, a few peppercorns and bay leaf. Then take out the cooked meat from the broth and remove the bone. And remove from the broth pepper and bay leaves.


At the bottom of the pot or cauldron, with a thick bottom, spread brushed and coarsely chopped potatoes, then, on top of potatoes — a layer of meat, meat — sliced onion half rings, slices of tomato, pepper and chopped greens on top of a lot of coriander and basil (or other greens, which more like it). Fill all the broth, cover with a lid and cook cauldron, after boiling, over low heat for half an hour. At the end of cooking, if necessary, salt and pepper.

All hashlama ready. Spread in a plate of vegetables, meat, pour broth; Ideas and this hot, flavorful, satisfying meal for dinner.