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Recipe shrimp in a creamy sauce

Original recipe shrimp in a creamy sauce with garlic.

Peeled shrimp cook in a sauce of cream, white wine, lemon juice and garlic. The result is a tasty and healthy dish of shrimp, which you can cook for dinner or lunch with a side dish of boiled pasta.

Recipe shrimp in a cream sauce:

peeled shrimp 500 grams
cup cream
white wine 50 ml
50-70 grams of butter
5-7 cloves of garlic
juice squeezed from one lemon
fresh parsley
How to cook steamed shrimp in a cream sauce: in a frying pan melt the butter and heated, spread it peeled and sliced ​​garlic plates, pour the lemon juice and fry garlic until light brown. Then remove the garlic from the pan, pour the wine, cream sauce and bring to a boil.

Recipe shrimp in a creamy sauce

In the boiling sauce spread peeled shrimp and simmer slowly for about 10 minutes then take out the shrimp from the pan and keep the sauce simmer on low heat for 10-15 minutes more (the amount of sauce should be reduced by half).

Return the shrimp to the pan, stir and turn off the fire. All steamed shrimp in a creamy sauce ready, it remains only to sprinkle them with chopped fresh parsley.