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Meatballs with squid

Delicious and easy to prepare meatballs with squid.

For the preparation of raw meat patties used squid and boiled rice.

These wonderful burgers can easily prepare breakfast or dinner and serve with your favorite salad. Also, with the meatballs with squid and vegetables can be prepared sandwiches — tasty, healthy and nutritious.
Recipe meatballs squid

400-500 grams of purified squid
half cup of rice
1 egg raw
2 table spoons of flour
vegetable oil to fry
a little more flour
How to cook meatballs squid: Rinse the rice in cold water and boil it until tender in a large number of pre-salted water, then pour out the remaining water.

Meatballs with squid

Cleaned squid carcass is cranked grinder, add to them boiled rice, raw egg, flour — 2 spoons, salt to taste and stir.

From the resulting stuffing wet hands form a small flat patties, crumble them in flour and spread on a pan with hot oil.

Fry patties until golden squid, golden brown on both sides; Ideas hot or cold — delicious in any form.