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Home mustard

Excellent seasoning for meat dishes homemade mustard.

Basis for domestic mustard — mustard powder, which is mixed with vinegar, vegetable oil, milk and add some honey. Honey mustard support the fortress home and add flavor, and milk will not give mustard quickly «grow old.» Milk does not turn sour, as she neutralizes the mustard in milk and sour milk medium.

Recipe for homemade mustard:

50 g of mustard powder
teaspoon vinegar
tablespoon of vegetable oil
teaspoon of honey thick
150 ml of fresh milk
How to prepare your own home mustard: mustard powder mixed with milk, then add the vinegar, oil, honey and knead thoroughly, until a homogeneous mixture. The resulting spread mustard in a glass jar, then a tight fitting lid and put them in the fridge.

At the end of 12:00 homemade mustard is ready and can be served with meat dishes or added to sandwiches.

Home mustard