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Salad with boiled beef

Salad with boiled beef

Puff salad with boiled beef and walnuts.

In addition to the above main ingredients in this salad, add boiled eggs, for spice — pickled cucumbers and garlic. Refill salad — mayonnaise and get a tasty and juicy salad for the holiday or everyday meal.
Recipe salad with beef:

500 grams of boiled beef
3-4 boiled eggs
4-6 pickled cucumbers
2-4 cloves garlic
cup chopped walnuts
200 grams of mayonnaise
Preparation: boiled meat finely chopped with a knife or dismantle hands on fiber. Eggs and cucumber rub coarsely grated. Garlic is extruded through a press and mix with cucumbers. Chopped nuts, just a few minutes, fry in a dry frying pan.

The ingredients for this salad spread in layers on a common large plate or just do small portions. The sequence of layers of meat, mayonnaise, pickles, mayonnaise, boiled eggs and then again, and the top layer of mayonnaise — nuts.

Put the finished salad with boiled beef in the refrigerator for an hour, present and soak.