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Roll of mackerel

The original roll mackerel, stuffed with boiled eggs, carrots and pickled cucumbers.

Fresh-frozen, thawed mackerel but exempt from bones, sprinkle the gelatin dry, spread the filling and wrap in foil. Then just boil the fish until cooked, wait until cool down, cut and; Ideas to the table.

Recipe Roulade of mackerel:

3 fresh mackerel
2 boiled carrots
3 boiled eggs
2-3 pickled cucumber
30 grams of gelatin
food film
How to cook mackerel roll: the fish were thawed, clean, cut off the head and tail, my. Each fish carefully cut along the back (tummy leave whole) and carefully remove the ridge all the bones and fins.

Boiled carrots and eggs big rub on a grater, cucumber cut into thin strips along.

Roll of mackerel

Spread the fish fillets in expanded form, the meat up. Pepper, salt to your taste, sprinkle gelatin dry and evenly spread on fish carrots, eggs and cucumbers. At the same time can be minimized to roll each fish separately, or make one big roll. To do this, lay the fish fillets overlap, and then turn off all together.

Then wrap the roll tightly in plastic film, tied with thread and lowered into a boiling salted water and cook for 40 minutes Ready roll out of the water and, without removing the tape, put under the yoke until cool, then put the roll in the fridge for a couple of hours (can be longer).

Frozen roll mackerel are exempt from the film, cut into pieces a la carte, decorate with greens and; Ideas to the table.