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Fish in batter

Several options for preparing a delicious fried fish in batter.

Five types of batter for the fish of the available ingredients: cheese batter, potato, beer, and protein batter in Chinese for the red fish. And for lovers of fish in batter — delicious sauce recipe, which is perfect for her fits.
Fish in batter recipes:

Pieces of fish fillet in cheese batter

300-400 grams of fish fillets
mayonnaise — 3 table spoons
tablespoon flour
4 raw eggs
hard cheese — 100 grams
pepper and salt
cooking — vegetable oil
Preparation: rub cheese on a coarse grater, mix it with mayonnaise and eggs. Add flour, salt and pepper to taste and mix again.

Fish in batter

Fish fillets cut into small pieces, each dipped in cheese batter and fry in a pan at once, in oil on both sides. Once on pieces of fish appeared zazharistaya beautiful crust, then you’re done. We spread the fried fish on a napkin to the excess fat «left.»

Fish in batter potato

3 raw potato tuber
flour — 2 tablespoons spoonfuls
Salt — to taste
Cooking potato batter potatoes well my, clean and rub on a coarse grater. Add the potatoes to the egg, salt and flour. Sliced ​​fish paniruem in the potato mixture, pressing well, and immediately fry in oil on both sides until cooked.

Fish, fried in beer batter

100 grams of flour
raw egg
150 ml of fresh light beer
vegetable oil — 2 table spoons
fillet of fish — 500 grams
Preparation: in the sifted flour introduce egg white. Then, pour vegetable oil and beer mix. Dip pieces of fish cooked in batter and fry traditionally on both sides.

Red fish slices, fried in batter, in Chinese,

1 egg
corn starch — 2 table spoons
500 grams of red fish fillet
Preparation: whisk the egg, add the starch and salt to taste. Fish cut into pieces, then dip them in batter and fry quickly over high heat on the one and the other.

This batter, by the way, amazingly delicious chicken wings are obtained which must be pre-marinate and then fry in batter.

Fish in batter

Fish, fried in batter protein

4 raw eggs
muka- 3 table spoons
water — 1 teaspoon
Preparation: carefully whisk the egg whites with salt, then add flour, pour water and stir. Is obtained as a liquid batter pancake batter. Cut the fish into, dipped in batter and fry protein until cooked on both sides.

Fried fish in batter perfectly suitable garlic sauce that tastes wonderful emphasize dishes. Preparing it simply: mayonnaise in equal proportions mix with sour cream, add the grated salty cucumber, chopped garlic and herbs to taste any. Mix all ingredients and serve this wonderful fish sauce, cooked in any batter.