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Pizza on yogurt

Simple and quick to prepare pizza for yogurt.

The dough for pizza base to prepare yogurt with mayonnaise and eggs. Not based on pre-bake and assemble the pizza is completely filled and baked in the oven. We prepare the stuffing traditional, sausage, tomatoes and cheese, but, in principle, you can take any toppings of your choice.

Recipe pizza with kefir

Pizza on yogurt

For the dough:

a cup of yogurt
100 grams of mayonnaise
2 raw eggs
teaspoon baking soda
6 tablespoons tablespoons flour
a little salt and sugar to taste
For filling:

200 grams of sausage (cooked and smoked)
3 small fresh tomatoes
hard cheese 200 grams
spice taste
vegetable oil
Pizza on yogurt: yogurt mix with soda and leave for 15 minutes. Whisk eggs with mayonnaise, sugar, salt, pour this mixture into the yogurt, add the sifted flour and mix. Lubricating oil plant forms for pizza and pour the batter into it.

Onions, sausage cut into slices and lightly fry in a pan at the same time, with the addition of oil. Sliced ​​tomato slices, cheese rub on a grater.

Spread evenly over the dough sausage with onion, spread the tomatoes, sprinkle with cheese all. Put the form of a pizza in a preheated oven at 180 degrees. Pizza kefir is prepared for long — just 20-30 minutes and ready.