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Cheese burrito with ham and cheese with herbs, fried in a pan.

Knead the dough for tortillas on yogurt with the addition of hard cheese. Stuffing prepare two kinds: the first — just sliced ​​ham, the second — cottage cheese with dill, garlic and sour cream. Then fry the cakes on both sides in a frying pan in vegetable oil.

Recipe cakes with fillings

For the dough:

a cup of yogurt
half a teaspoon of sugar, salt and baking soda
one raw egg
cup grated cheese
2 cups sifted flour wheat
refined vegetable oil for frying
For the first filling: sliced ​​ham.

For the second filling: 200 g cottage cheese, a small bunch of dill, a clove of garlic, a dining room spoon of sour cream, ground pepper and salt to taste. Mix cottage cheese with chopped dill and garlic, add the sour cream, salt, pepper to taste and stir.

Prepare the dough: in yogurt add the egg, baking soda, salt, sugar and stir. Then add the cheese, flour and knead the dough. Divide it into balls, roll out each into a thin cake.

Put a little on the cake filling, combine the edge and gently roll out. Part of making cakes with ham and some cheese with.
The prepared cakes we place the pan with hot oil and fry over medium heat on both sides, covering the pan with a lid.

Grilled burrito spread on a cloth to remove excess oil, then We serve in a warm or cooled down form.