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Appetizer of liver

Appetizer of liver

Original and beautiful to look at from the liver appetizer with cheese and carrots.

For the preparation of such meals must fry hepatic fritters, which will then be lubricated with mayonnaise with garlic, sprinkle with grated cheese and carrots. And you can take instead of cheese boiled eggs, herbs and fresh tomatoes.

Appetizer recipe from the liver:

pancakes from the liver
garlic taste
finely grated cheese
finely grated raw carrots
fresh tomatoes
How to cook a snack from the liver: Liver pancakes to cook, use the detailed recipe «Fritters beef liver.»
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Meatballs with potatoes in the oven

Meatballs with potatoes in the oven

Hearty and quick lunch — meatballs with potatoes, baked in the oven.

From any meat do mince with onions, garlic, add some boiled rice, egg, spices and form is not very large, round meatballs. Then spread them on a baking sheet, add the sliced raw potatoes, sprinkle with grated cheese all and bake in the oven.

Recipe meatballs in the oven:

600-700 grams of minced meat or finished
garlic taste
raw egg
3-4 table spoons of boiled rice
ground pepper and salt to taste
1-1.3 kg of potatoes
100-150 grams of hard cheese
How to cook meatballs in the oven: twist meat grinder with onions and garlic. Add to the resulting beef, cooked rice, salt, pepper, raw egg and knead thoroughly. Molding minced round meatballs and gently lay them on, oil-lubricated, baking.
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Recipe for homemade marmalade

Recipe for homemade marmalade

A simple and tasty recipe for making homemade marmalade from citrus.

To prepare the marmalade need lemon juice, orange zest, and with these same oranges and lemons. Add the sugar, gelatin and get delicious home-made desserts, a good alternative to store marmalade.

Marmalade recipe, cooked at home:

100 ml of juice from the orange
5-6 tablespoons tablespoons lemon juice
100 ml water
sugar glass (or taste)
a tablespoon of lemon peel and orange peel
20 grams of gelatin
How to make homemade marmalade: mix the lemon and orange juice, add the gelatin, stir and leave to swell.
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Salad Tiffany


Beautiful, delicious and, at the same time, simple in composition of ingredients, Tiffany salad with grapes.

Boiled chicken, boiled eggs and cheese — these are the main ingredients for this salad. The highlight will be the Tiffany pine nuts and grapes, which can be taken to decorate different colors. As a suitable filling mayonnaise or sour cream.
Tiffany salad recipe:

boiled chicken

4 eggs cooked
100-150 grams of hard cheese
pine nuts, toasted
How to prepare a salad Tiffany: boiled in salted water for chicken cut into smaller and put in a salad bowl first layer. Lubricates the meat with mayonnaise and sprinkle with a little nuts.
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