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Meatballs with potatoes in the oven

Meatballs with potatoes in the oven

Hearty and quick lunch — meatballs with potatoes, baked in the oven.

From any meat do mince with onions, garlic, add some boiled rice, egg, spices and form is not very large, round meatballs. Then spread them on a baking sheet, add the sliced raw potatoes, sprinkle with grated cheese all and bake in the oven.

Recipe meatballs in the oven:

600-700 grams of minced meat or finished
garlic taste
raw egg
3-4 table spoons of boiled rice
ground pepper and salt to taste
1-1.3 kg of potatoes
100-150 grams of hard cheese
How to cook meatballs in the oven: twist meat grinder with onions and garlic. Add to the resulting beef, cooked rice, salt, pepper, raw egg and knead thoroughly. Molding minced round meatballs and gently lay them on, oil-lubricated, baking.


Peel potatoes, well my, cut into slices, salt, pepper, stir and fill them free space on a baking sheet with meatballs. And at the end of the preparatory process — sprinkle with grated cheese all.

Pre-heat the oven to 190 degrees, put the pan in it with our delicious dinner and bake meatballs with potatoes, 40-50 minutes in the oven. Cut any vegetable salad; Ideas and delicious hot meal.