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Meat fritters

Tasty meat fritters, three variants of cooking.

Two recipes how to cook meat pork fritters and another great option — pancakes with chicken. For meat fritters better not to grind the meat in a meat grinder, and finely chop finely or, in extreme cases, in a meat grinder scroll through a large grille.

The first option — pork fritters:

400-500 grams of lean pork
1 raw egg
tablespoon of sour cream
4 table spoons of flour
salt and spices to taste
vegetable oil for frying
How to cook meat fritters: meat and onion cut as finely as possible. Add all the remaining ingredients and stir.

In a frying pan with hot oil spread a tablespoon of minced meat and fry obtained until golden brown on both sides, covering the pan with a lid.

The second recipe: 1 kg of lean pork — 2-3 onions, 5 raw eggs, 4-5 tablespoons tablespoons potato starch, salt and spices — to taste. The process of preparing such same: finely chop, mix, fry. Which is convenient, this stuffing can be stored in the refrigerator for several days, and at the right moment can quickly fry fresh pancakes, burgers.

Meat fritters

For fritters Chicken: 500 grams of chicken (breast), 100 grams of hard cheese, 3 raw eggs, 3 tablespoons tablespoons of mayonnaise, half cup of flour, half teaspoon soda, salt and spices to taste.

Finely chopped meat, salt, pepper to taste and stir. Add the finely grated cheese, eggs, mayonnaise, soda and stir again. Then fall asleep sifted flour and was finally mixed.

Fry traditionally vegetable oil on both sides until cooked, minced laying spoon pan with a lid, do not cover.

Meat fritters; Ideas hot with any side dish and cold pancakes are perfect for making excellent sandwiches.