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Appetizer of liver

Appetizer of liver

Original and beautiful to look at from the liver appetizer with cheese and carrots.

For the preparation of such meals must fry hepatic fritters, which will then be lubricated with mayonnaise with garlic, sprinkle with grated cheese and carrots. And you can take instead of cheese boiled eggs, herbs and fresh tomatoes.

Appetizer recipe from the liver:

pancakes from the liver
garlic taste
finely grated cheese
finely grated raw carrots
fresh tomatoes
How to cook a snack from the liver: Liver pancakes to cook, use the detailed recipe «Fritters beef liver.»


Mayonnaise mix with crushed garlic, oil the cooled muffins, sprinkle with grated cheese, pitting them against each other, it is possible for two or three. We spread the prepared snack on lettuce, grated carrots decorate the top and, if desired, cherry tomatoes.

For the second variant design snacks exactly as in the first embodiment, grease fritters with garlic mayonnaise. Then sprinkle with chopped boiled eggs, and it is possible to stretch separately whites and yolks, sprinkle each layer only proteins or just yolks. Decorate top with parsley and fresh tomato circle.

All elegant and tasty snack from the liver is ready, you can apply for the festive, family lunch or dinner.