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How to cook khinkali

A detailed description of how to prepare khinkali to get a tasty and correctly.

Khinkali — a traditional national dish of the Caucasus. At first glance, it has much in common with the usual for us dumplings: dough, meat … But, in fact, characterized by preparing the filling, which is added herbs and spices, its original form, a way of cooking and serving of spicy and delicious dishes.

How to cook khinkali
Offers its own version khinkali cooking meat.
Recipe khinkali

For the dough:

3 cups flour premium
glass of cold water
For filling:

300 grams of pork (can be fat)
300 grams of beef
2 onions
kitchen Salt and pepper
according to the average beam young parsley and cilantro
to your taste, you can add cumin, coriander and hops-suneli
a glass of chilled water
Khinkali dough: pour the sifted flour into a bowl, salt, into the recess in agony trying to drive the egg and adding water in small portions, knead the dough until it is elastic, but soft and will not stick to your hands. The finished dough put in a bowl, cover and set aside for half an hour.

Filling: meat washed and peeled onions scrolls through a meat grinder with a large grille openings, salt, pepper, to your taste add spices, chopped greens (leaves only, remove the thick stems) and mix. Then add the minced chilled water in small portions and vymeshivaya. The filling absorbs water, so the more we add the water, the greater will be inside hinkaley broth, and this is the main condition for their preparation. As a result, the stuffing should get quite dense, but wet.

The dough is rolled out into a sausage 4-5 cm thick and cut with a knife into pieces 3 cm, each rolling pin to roll out a cake with a diameter of 10 cm, the thickness of the dough should get about 2 mm. These values ​​are approximate, and you yourself can adjust the size hinkaley, make them smaller or larger (but no longer recommended).

In the middle of each tortilla spread a tablespoon of minced meat and spoon around the edges zaschipyvaem, forming wrinkles and collect them in the center, a little spinning, rises for the «tip» to the dough a little stretched and formed in place for broth. Be careful not to tear the dough. Molded khinkali piled on a plate dusted with flour.

Cook khinkali small portions in a large amount of salted water. Khinkali drop into boiling water one by one, putting it on the skimmer, 3-4 second delay in the water, and only then let go. It is to khinkali not stuck to the bottom of the pan. If this still happens, carefully lift them with a spoon.

When khinkali float to the surface of the water and boil, reduce heat and cook for about 10 minutes, depending on the size.
Welded khinkali not be as ravioli or dumplings, put in a large bowl, spread them on a plate or a large dish and immediately fed the same to the table hot.

Eat khinkali hands, taking the apex do bite, drink the broth, and then eaten, the tops usually do not eat, they are dense and poorly boil, and stack them on a plate.

Here’s how to prepare khinkali and make it a family tradition with a good bottle of Georgian wine.