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Dumplings steamed

Two versions of the test, to cook delicious steamed dumplings.

To prepare the dumplings steam main thing — to prepare the dough and fillings can be used to your taste: it can be fried mushrooms with onions, potatoes and fried onions, cabbage, liver, cheese, and various fruits and berries.

If there is a double boiler, it is possible to construct itself.

The recipe for dumplings steamed dumplings paruprigotovlenie

half a liter of yogurt (can be replaced with serum)
2 raw eggs
teaspoon sugar
floor teaspoon baking soda
pinch of salt
premium of about 1 kg of flour
Cooking dumplings steamed: in yogurt add sugar, baking soda, salt, and mix well to form a foam. Then pour in the beaten eggs. Gradually, in small portions, and stirring, adding the flour, which was previously sieved through a sieve. You should now have a flexible and soft dough.

Sprinkle with flour, roll out dough thickness of no more than half a centimeter, glass squeezing circles in the center of which we place a little bit prepared filling and tightly connect the edges of the dough. In a double boiler, these dumplings are prepared for about 5 minutes.

If there is no real steamer, proceed as follows: Pour into the pan of water on top of stretched and anchoring section of gauze in two layers in such a way that it does not touch the water. When the water boils, spread on the gauze dumplings, cover the bowl suitable for the diameter of the pan. Instead of gauze can also use a metal sieve or colander.

Dumplings steamed

Another wonderful recipe for dough dumplings steamed. From this test, it is best to cook dumplings with berries or fruit.

It would take such ingredients: dumplings steamed

cottage cheese 200 grams
cup sugar (possible, to taste)
5 raw eggs
a pinch of salt
floor teaspoon baking soda
good flour 3 cups
How to cook: whisk eggs with sugar, add the grated cheese, salt, baking soda, sifted through a sieve the flour and knead the dough. Next, roll out the dough well, doing circles on circles spread chopped fruit, sprinkle with sugar and a little edge zaschipyvaem dumplings.

Prepared dumplings are steamed 5-7 minutes, then their oil and grease We serve with sour cream.