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Banana Pancake

Banana Pancake

Banana Pancake thin without oil and eggs fried in a pan.

The dough for these pancakes cook with milk and a banana, flour and baking powder, without added oil. During the cooking add a drop of vegetable oil in a pan for a nice and smooth color.

Banana Pancake Recipe:

glass of fresh milk
1 banana, ripe
Spoon 1-2 tablespoons sugar
teaspoon baking powder
175 grams of flour
pinch of salt
a little bit of vegetable oil for frying
Preparation: grind banana mixed with milk and whisk blender until smooth. Sifted flour mixed with sugar, salt and baking powder. Then pour the milk into the flour and stir with a banana dough whisk.


Well heated frying pan, lightly grease with butter and pour the dough with a spoon in the form of bubbles. Fry one side until the bubbles on the pancakes, then turn over and fry the second side. In the process of cooking pancakes, periodically grease the pan with oil to Pancake obtained smooth, beautiful color.

Ready Banana Pancake served with jam, honey, sour cream, or just for a cup of tea.