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Pasta with sausages

How banal pasta with boiled sausages converted into original dish.

There is nothing easier than to cook pasta for lunch and boiled sausages. But in this matter can be approached creatively and have a little patience, make an attractive-looking dish. Believe me, the kids will love it!

Recipe — pasta with sausages:

thin pasta «spaghetti»
hot dogs or sausages
Water and salt
Preparation: sausage cut into desired size pieces, strung them on pasta.

Pasta with sausages

pasta with sausages

On the plate put a pan of water to boil, add some salt and a little omit our pasta with sausages. Doing it slowly, waiting for the pasta are tender. Cook pasta until tender.

Merge the contents of the pan into a colander and give water to drain completely. We serve pasta with sausages to the table, while hot with ketchup or your favorite sauce.