Cutlets from rice

Cutlets from rice

Easy to prepare, delicious burgers from rice with herbs and cheese.

These burgers are all very simple: mix the boiled rice with herbs, grated cheese and remaining ingredients. Form the patties and fry in vegetable oil. Get the great burgers rice that delicious hot or cold.

Recipe rice patties:
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Baguette with filling

A simple and tasty dish — a baguette stuffed with chicken and mushrooms.

Rather short cut along the baguettes and take out the crumb. Then fill them with stuffed chicken, fried mushrooms and onions, sprinkle with cheese, spread slices of tomato, greens decorate and bake in the oven.

Recipe baguette with filling:

2 not long baguette
1 chicken (about 500 grams)
fresh mushrooms, 200 grams of mushrooms
200-250 grams of sour cream
fresh tomato
salt and pepper
vegetable oil

Baguette with filling
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stuffed mushrooms

Baked in the oven, mushrooms mushrooms stuffed with potatoes and cheese.

For this dish mushrooms choose bigger. Stuffing prepared from boiled potatoes, cheese with garlic and herbs. Mushroom caps stuffed and cooked fill zapechёm in the oven.

Stuffed mushrooms recipe:

12-16 pieces of mushrooms
3-4 potatoes
150 grams of cheese solid
3 cloves of garlic
3 table spoons of mayonnaise
ground pepper, salt
How to cook stuffed with mushrooms in the oven: boil potatoes until cooked, peeled potatoes can be boiled or «uniform» is a matter of taste. Then, the cooled potatoes and cheese rubbed on a fine grater, shred the garlic with the help of the press, finely chopped herbs and stir everything, adding mayonnaise. Salt and pepper to taste the filling.
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delicious sandwiches

Original and delicious hot sandwiches, baked in the oven, two recipes.

For these sandwiches is more convenient to use white bread for the toaster, but can any other white bread. Filling for sandwiches prepare two kinds: fried mushrooms with cheese and ham with tomato and egg.

Delicious sandwich recipe:

white bread toaster for 16 pieces
8 pieces of ham (sausage meat)
1-2 fresh tomatoes
4 raw eggs
200 grams of mushrooms
100-150 grams of cheese
Roasting mushrooms tablespoon butter
pepper, salt
How to cook simple and delicious sandwiches: mushrooms cut into slices and fry in butter, salt and pepper.
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