Beet and herring

Beet and herring

Stuffed beet and herring, prunes and nuts.

Everyone knows that a combination of boiled beet and herring — it’s delicious, take for example, everyone’s favorite salad «under a fur coat.» In this recipe farshiruem herring beets, prunes and nuts, and the result is not less than the original and delicious snack.
Recipe beet and herring:
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Tomatoes with cheese in the microwave

Tomatoes with cheese in the microwave
Fresh tomatoes and cheese, baked in the microwave.

Very simple and delicious dish — cut the tomatoes in half lengthwise, sprinkle with cheese, mixed with butter, breadcrumbs and herbs. And then just bake in the microwave.

Necessary ingredients:

400 grams of fresh tomatoes
40 grams of hard cheese
20-30 grams of butter
15 grams of bread crumbs
How to cook: melted butter, mix with grated cheese and breadcrumbs. Chopped fresh herbs can be added to the cheese curd and sprinkle ready tomatoes.
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