Sauce «Tartar» home

Sauce «Tartar» homemade mayonnaise and sour cream on the basis of.

The inventors of this wonderful sauce considered French. In the 19th century, was already an existing mayonnaise, cooks began to add different seasonings and chopped vegetables, which is harmoniously combined with fish and meat dishes.

In your home sauce «Tartar» You can add olives, garlic, dill, capers, green onions — depending on the taste of your preference. I propose a simple and affordable, but delicious, one of the options prepare the sauce «Tartar».

Recipe for homemade sauce «Tartar»

250 grams of mayonnaise
250 grams of sour cream
2 egg yolks — cooked
2-3 pickles
mustard taste
Salt to taste
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Home adjika

Tasty home adjika of tomatoes, peppers and apples.

This Georgian relish adjika prepared without tomatoes. It comprises only red pepper, garlic, salt and cooking herbs.

Adjika tomatoes — this is the Russian version of the preparation of this acute and delicious sauce, which we used to combine with meat, fish and vegetable dishes.

Recipe home adzhika

3 kg of ripe red tomatoes
300 grams of peeled garlic
800 grams of sour-sweet apples
500g carrots
ratunda pepper 1 kg
You can add a couple of pieces of red pepper
Salt to taste
How to cook adjika: my cleanse and vegetables: apples — peeled and the core, hot pepper and pepper ratunda — from seeds, carrots — from the top layer.
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Home mustard

Excellent seasoning for meat dishes homemade mustard.

Basis for domestic mustard — mustard powder, which is mixed with vinegar, vegetable oil, milk and add some honey. Honey mustard support the fortress home and add flavor, and milk will not give mustard quickly «grow old.» Milk does not turn sour, as she neutralizes the mustard in milk and sour milk medium.

Recipe for homemade mustard:

50 g of mustard powder
teaspoon vinegar
tablespoon of vegetable oil
teaspoon of honey thick
150 ml of fresh milk
How to prepare your own home mustard: mustard powder mixed with milk, then add the vinegar, oil, honey and knead thoroughly, until a homogeneous mixture. The resulting spread mustard in a glass jar, then a tight fitting lid and put them in the fridge.
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Recipes homemade dressing

16 recipes for sauces home to a variety of dishes.

Homemade sauces give the dish a special piquancy, aroma and taste. And sometimes you want to fill the salad is not just mayonnaise, and some tasty and original sauce. Choose home sauce to your taste and cook with pleasure.

Tartar sauce
200 grams of mayonnaise, teaspoon grated horseradish dining room, 2 finely chopped salted or pickled gherkins, a small onion, chopped parsley spoon dining. All mix and; Ideas in a gravy boat.

Andalusian sauce
200 grams of mayonnaise, 3 tablespoons tablespoons of ketchup, a teaspoon of brandy, chopped onion, a little lemon juice and ground red pepper. All mix, sauce sharpness adjusting the amount of red pepper.
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Pizza sauce

Tasty tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes for pizza.

Chopped tomatoes cook until soft, fragrant garlic in olive oil. Then, to taste add the white wine, oregano, basil, sugar, salt. Ready sauce through a sieve and bring to homogeneity in a blender and use the pizza; Ideas or to any meat dishes.

Sauce recipe for pizza:

5-6 fresh ripe tomatoes
garlic cloves 5
3 table spoons of olive oil
2 tablespoons tablespoons dry white wine
Big spoon sugar
a pinch of dried basil
quarter teaspoon oregano
Salt to taste
How to cook tomato sauce for pizza: tomatoes to make cuts, pour the boiling water. After a minute or two peel and cut into slices of peeled tomatoes.
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