Roll of mackerel

The original roll mackerel, stuffed with boiled eggs, carrots and pickled cucumbers.

Fresh-frozen, thawed mackerel but exempt from bones, sprinkle the gelatin dry, spread the filling and wrap in foil. Then just boil the fish until cooked, wait until cool down, cut and; Ideas to the table.

Recipe Roulade of mackerel:

3 fresh mackerel
2 boiled carrots
3 boiled eggs
2-3 pickled cucumber
30 grams of gelatin
food film
How to cook mackerel roll: the fish were thawed, clean, cut off the head and tail, my. Each fish carefully cut along the back (tummy leave whole) and carefully remove the ridge all the bones and fins.
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Grilled trout

Originally cooked fried trout in potato batter.

Of course, you can simply trout fry in the pan, but in the potato batter fish turns juicy and soft. This hearty, tasty and nutritious meal can be happy to submit to a lunch or dinner with fresh vegetables. In this way one can prepare any fish fillets and fillets not only trout.

Recipe fried trout:

trout fillet — 600 grams
3 raw potatoes
1 raw egg
half a lemon
flour — 2 table spoons
spices, salt
olive oil for frying
How to cook in a pan fried trout fillet trout mine, were dried, cut into pieces, sprinkle with salt, spices, lemon juice sprinkled.
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Fish in batter

Several options for preparing a delicious fried fish in batter.

Five types of batter for the fish of the available ingredients: cheese batter, potato, beer, and protein batter in Chinese for the red fish. And for lovers of fish in batter — delicious sauce recipe, which is perfect for her fits.
Fish in batter recipes:

Pieces of fish fillet in cheese batter

300-400 grams of fish fillets
mayonnaise — 3 table spoons
tablespoon flour
4 raw eggs
hard cheese — 100 grams
pepper and salt
cooking — vegetable oil
Preparation: rub cheese on a coarse grater, mix it with mayonnaise and eggs. Add flour, salt and pepper to taste and mix again.
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Fish with mushrooms

Fish baked in the oven, with mushrooms, potatoes and tomatoes.

Fish fillets lightly fry in a pan. Separately, fry the mushrooms mushrooms and onions. So as you prepare the other ingredients, in order to put everything beautiful in shape and bake in the oven with cheese.

Fish recipe with mushrooms in the oven: fish with mushrooms

fillet of any fish — 500 grams
200 grams of mushrooms champignons
small onion
Boiled egg
fresh tomato
5-6 potatoes
hard cheese
a little lemon juice
salt and pepper
cooking — vegetable oil
How to cook fish with mushrooms fillet cut into pieces, salt and pour the lemon juice to taste. After 10 minutes in the pan fry in oil.
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Home sprats in tomato sauce

Tasty home sprat, stewed with vegetables in tomato sauce.

Pre lightly fry the onions and carrots in the pan in vegetable oil. Fresh or frozen pilchards (pre defrosts) cleaned from all the excess and spread the vegetables to the pan, pour the tomatoes and simmer until tender.

Recipe home sardines in tomato sauce:

frozen or fresh sardines 500 grams
tomato juice 300 ml
tablespoon flour
tablespoon sugar
salt, bay leaf, allspice pepper
vegetable fat
Preparation: pilchards are thawed, remove the head, viscera and washed. Finely chop the onion, carrots, coarsely grated rub. Tomato juice mixed with flour. Tomato juice is desirable to use home-made, but if there is none, can be diluted tomato paste with water to the consistency of juice.
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