Homemade Pizza

Homemade pizza.
It turns out the edge pizza dough, which usually do not like to eat, so you can make the same delicious and juicy, like pizza. This recipe is described in detail and shown how to do it. Toppings Pizza and choose the corner of her on your taste and the dough prepared with conventional yeast.
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For the dough for pizza:
150 ml of warm water
half a teaspoon of sugar
half a teaspoon of salt
olive or sunflower oil 2 table spoons
teaspoon dry yeast
sifted flour 1/5 cup
For the filling into pizza: sausage, red pepper, pickle, cheese, tomato sauce, mayonnaise. Stuffing can be cooked to your taste and to distribute it in any order, as long as the cheese was on top.
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Pizza on kefir

Pizza on kefir






Simple and quick to prepare pizza for yogurt.

The dough for pizza bases are preparing for yogurt with mayonnaise and eggs. Not based on pre-bake and assemble the pizza is completely filled and baked in the oven. Prepare a traditional stuffing, sausage, tomatoes and cheese, but, in principle, can take any filling of your choice.

Pizza recipe for yogurt
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