Pizza with ham

Pizza with ham

Delicious pizza with ham, eggs, canned corn and, of course, also with cheese. Pizza — a very popular dish in our time, which is prepared from a wide variety of ingredients: meat, ham, shrimp, olives, apples … pizza crust can be made from any test. In my recipe — soft and airy dough with sour cream and mayonnaise, and the filling of successful, in my opinion, the combination of ham, boiled eggs, tomatoes, corn and cheese.
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Pizza potato in a pan

The perfect dish for lunch or dinner, pizza potato in the pan.

The basis for this is not pizza dough is prepared, and potatoes. The remaining ingredients, you can choose to your taste or cook this recipe is available and traditional. Pizzas quickly in a frying pan on the stove, but also quickly and eaten because it tastes good.

Pizza potato in a pan
Recipe pizza potato in the pan:
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Mini pizza puff pastry

Mini pizza, convenient and tasty puff pastry with mushrooms, capers and cheese.

This pizza is very easy to cook and require quite a bit of time. The dough for the preparation of a mini pizza using ready-made, frozen, puff, puff can be yeast, which creates for such meals in a hurry.

Mini pizza puff pastry

Recipe mini pizza mini pizzas
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Pizza on yogurt

Simple and quick to prepare pizza for yogurt.

The dough for pizza base to prepare yogurt with mayonnaise and eggs. Not based on pre-bake and assemble the pizza is completely filled and baked in the oven. We prepare the stuffing traditional, sausage, tomatoes and cheese, but, in principle, you can take any toppings of your choice.

Recipe pizza with kefir

Pizza on yogurt
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Thin pizza recipe

Thin pizza recipe with a classic set of ingredients.
Subtle yeast dough prepared from water, flour, eggs, oil, and dry yeast. Prepare for stuffing tomatoes, ham, cheese, bell peppers and mushrooms. The result is a tasty pizza on a thin basis.
Pizza recipe for yeast dough thin:
100 ml of warm water (boiled)
half teaspoon dry yeast
by teaspoonful of salt and sugar
1 raw egg
2 table spoons of olive oil
wheat flour 2 cups
For the tomato sauce:
2-3 medium fresh tomatoes
a little olive oil
dried basil
sugar, salt
For pizza toppings:
100 grams of fresh tomatoes
100 grams of ham (meat, sausages)
100 grams of good hard cheese
one pepper
100 grams of fresh mushrooms champignons
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