Lazy belyashi

Lazy belyashi

Belyashi lazy, fast, meat, kefir.

This recipe is good because it is not necessary to spend time on sculpting each belyashi. Just knead the dough is not too thick on yogurt, add the minced meat in it and stir. Spoon the batter into the pan, spread with butter and fry on both sides belyashi.

Recipe for lazy belyasheylenivye belyashi kefir
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Puff pastry in the oven

Quick to implement, puff pastry with cherries from Puff puff pastry, cooked in the oven.

These wonderful puff pastry with cherry cook from purchased puff pastry, which, before rolling, you must be sure to unfreeze. Cherry can be used for pies both fresh and frozen, but you can replace it by any, to your taste, fruit or berries.
Recipe for puff pastries: puff pastries recipe

500 grams of finished puff pastry
300 grams of cherries
sugar — 5 tablespoons of table
spoon potato starch
Preparation: my cherry, remove seeds, and were dried. If frozen cherries, thawed sure. We fall asleep cherries with sugar and leave for 20 minutes to highlight the juice. Then add starch and put on low heat. Heat the cherries with the starch, stirring until a thick mixture resembles jelly. If allocated little cherry juice can add a little waters. Remove the pudding from the cherries from the heat and give it to cool.
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Chebureki kefir

The soft, juicy and incredibly tasty pasties with meat dough on kefir.

For the test, we need only yogurt, one egg, flour and salt. For the filling use any meat, which twist in minced or finely-finely chopped, add the onion and spices. Forming pasties stuffed with meat and fry them in vegetable oil.

Recipe — on yogurt pasties

For the dough:

a cup of yogurt
1 raw egg
500 grams of good wheat flour (not «floated»)
Salt to taste
For the meat filling:

500-600 grams of meat (young beef, lamb or lean pork)
2 onions
salt, black pepper
broth or water
refined sunflower oil for frying
Dough on yogurt for chebureks: in a bowl, pour yogurt, to drive the egg, a little salt and mix thoroughly into a homogeneous mixture. Then small portions add the sifted flour, mixing the dough. Flour may need a little more or a few less than the specified amount. Dough should have chebureks not very tight, but not soft to keep in shape and easy to unroll. Knead the dough a little longer to make it as homogeneous as possible. Then, covering it with a dry towel, leave on 20 minutes’ rest.
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The chicken in puff pastry

The chicken in puff pastry

A simple recipe — chicken in puff pastry with mushrooms.

In fact — it’s a roll of puff pastry stuffed with chicken and mushrooms. Form can be one large loaf or several small, in the form of cakes. Filling — Roasted chicken with mushrooms and onions. Optionally, you can add, halved cherry tomatoes.
Recipe — Chicken in the test:

package puff pastry (buy in the store)
20 pieces of fresh mushrooms
500 grams of chicken
1-2 onions
white wine — 100 ml
ground pepper and salt
vegetable oil for frying
Preparation: chop the chicken into small pieces and then fry it in a pan with vegetable oil until tender. At the end of cooking pepper and salt to taste.
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