Chicken breast with pineapple

Chicken breast with pineapple

Grilled chicken breast with pineapple and bell pepper, and soy sauce.

Separately, fry the pieces of chicken and peppers with ginger. Then simmer the ingredients with fresh or canned pineapple and sauce, which is prepared from soy sauce and apple cider vinegar with the addition of sugar.
Recipe chicken breast with pineapple:
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Meat fritters

Tasty meat fritters, three variants of cooking.

Two recipes how to cook meat pork fritters and another great option — pancakes with chicken. For meat fritters better not to grind the meat in a meat grinder, and finely chop finely or, in extreme cases, in a meat grinder scroll through a large grille.

The first option — pork fritters:

400-500 grams of lean pork
1 raw egg
tablespoon of sour cream
4 table spoons of flour
salt and spices to taste
vegetable oil for frying
How to cook meat fritters: meat and onion cut as finely as possible. Add all the remaining ingredients and stir.
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Chicken rolls in the oven

Original Chicken rolls with sesame seeds, in puff pastry, baked in the oven.

Chicken fillet wrap in puff pastry, cut into thin rolls and dipped in sesame seeds, spread on a baking sheet. Bake rolls in the oven until a beautiful, golden brown.

Recipe Chicken rolls: Recipe Chicken rolls

500 grams without the puff dough
chicken breast (fillet) 2 pieces
sesame seeds
freshly ground black pepper and salt
vegetable oil
How to cook chicken breast rolls: chicken well repel, sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste.

Chicken rolls in the oven
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Meat with zucchini

Fried meat with zucchini and soy sauce. This dish can be attributed to the recipes Chinese cuisine — fried everything quickly and easily. The two main ingredients — pork and zucchini, slice and fry quickly on the heated pan, adding spices and soy sauce. After a few minutes — the dish is ready, by the same pork fried with zucchini — is surprisingly tasty.

Recipe — meat with zucchini: meat recipe with zucchini

350-400 grams of pork (the best part of the neck)
1 small zucchini
2 onions
2 tablespoons soy sauce
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
a mixture of ground pepper (to taste)
How to cook meat with zucchini meat my, wipes remove excess moisture and chop it into small pieces. We spread on a hot frying pan with oil, reduce the heat and fry until golden color, about 15 minutes.
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Chicken with apples in the oven

A simple and tasty dish — chicken, baked apples in the oven.

Whole chicken farshiruem sliced ​​apples and bake in the oven until golden brown. Apples are better to choose a sweet-sour taste and firm. For apples, you can add dried apricots, prunes, that will give our hen original taste and flavor.

Recipe — Chicken in the oven with apples:

whole chicken
2-3 apples
a little vegetable oil
dried apricots, prunes (optional)
How to cook the chicken in the oven, stuffed with apples: my chicken and remove excess moisture wipes. Inside and sprinkle the chicken with salt, spices, lightly rubbing and leave for 20 minutes.
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