Dumplings with cottage cheese with kefir

Homemade dumplings with cottage cheese dough on kefir.

Try to prepare the dough for the dumplings on kefir. Dumplings are obtained by gentle, soft and do not burst during cooking.

Curd dumplings can be made for the sweet, add sugar, and yet all berries and fruits. You can make a salt — salt and chopped dill and parsley.


The recipe for the dumplings with cottage cheese

Dumplings with cottage cheese with kefir
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How to cook khinkali

A detailed description of how to prepare khinkali to get a tasty and correctly.

Khinkali — a traditional national dish of the Caucasus. At first glance, it has much in common with the usual for us dumplings: dough, meat … But, in fact, characterized by preparing the filling, which is added herbs and spices, its original form, a way of cooking and serving of spicy and delicious dishes.

How to cook khinkali
Offers its own version khinkali cooking meat.
Recipe khinkali
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Dumplings steamed

Two versions of the test, to cook delicious steamed dumplings.

To prepare the dumplings steam main thing — to prepare the dough and fillings can be used to your taste: it can be fried mushrooms with onions, potatoes and fried onions, cabbage, liver, cheese, and various fruits and berries.

If there is a double boiler, it is possible to construct itself.

The recipe for dumplings steamed dumplings paruprigotovlenie

half a liter of yogurt (can be replaced with serum)
2 raw eggs
teaspoon sugar
floor teaspoon baking soda
pinch of salt
premium of about 1 kg of flour
Cooking dumplings steamed: in yogurt add sugar, baking soda, salt, and mix well to form a foam. Then pour in the beaten eggs. Gradually, in small portions, and stirring, adding the flour, which was previously sieved through a sieve. You should now have a flexible and soft dough.
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Cottage cheese dumplings

The original cottage cheese dumplings with strawberry cream sauce.

Dumplings — the national dish of Slovak and Czech cuisine. They represent pieces of cottage cheese, potato or just flour dough.

Can be with different fillings or even without it, the sweet dessert or savory items for lunch. Dumplings can be steamed or just boil water.
In principle, the dumplings are somewhat similar to our cottage cheese dumplings lazy — quickly and easily prepared, and more easily and quickly eaten.

Cottage cheese dumplings
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Lazy dumplings

How delicious and quick to cook lazy dumplings with minced meat, which do not differ in taste from the usual dumplings.

The meat for the stuffing can be any, according to your taste, but the classics — a pork mixed with beef. Prepare these wonderful dumplings in several ways: traditionally boil in salted water, cook in a double boiler or cook in cream sauce with vegetables.

Recipe for lazy dumplings pelmeneylenivye

For the dough:

good quality flour 3 cups
raw egg
half a glass of water
floor teaspoon salt
For the stuffing:

500 grams of meat
ground pepper and salt to taste
For the sauce:
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