Cabbage fritters

Cabbage Fritters

Delicious cabbage pancakes with kefir, fried in a pan.

In this recipe, everything is simple, important smaller cut cabbage: first chop, and then cut into cubes. Then add the cabbage, yogurt, egg, onion, flour, and stir. From the resulting dough and fry those wonderful pancakes.

Recipe — cabbage fritters:

300-400 grams of fresh cabbage
small onion
raw egg
200 ml yogurt or kefir
3-5 tablespoons tablespoons flour
one-third of a teaspoon of baking powder
optional herbs
vegetable oil for frying
How to cook pancakes cabbage: cabbage chop as usual, thin, and then another, cut into cubes. We spread it in a bowl, season with salt to taste and punched cabbage hands so that it becomes soft. Add the finely chopped onion, yogurt, eggs, baking powder, sifted flour and mix. Add the flour so that the dough has turned our as usual pancakes — not too rare, but not thick. If desired, the dough can add chopped fresh herbs.
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Banana Pancake

Banana Pancake

Banana Pancake thin without oil and eggs fried in a pan.

The dough for these pancakes cook with milk and a banana, flour and baking powder, without added oil. During the cooking add a drop of vegetable oil in a pan for a nice and smooth color.

Banana Pancake Recipe:

glass of fresh milk
1 banana, ripe
Spoon 1-2 tablespoons sugar
teaspoon baking powder
175 grams of flour
pinch of salt
a little bit of vegetable oil for frying
Preparation: grind banana mixed with milk and whisk blender until smooth. Sifted flour mixed with sugar, salt and baking powder. Then pour the milk into the flour and stir with a banana dough whisk.
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Pancakes by leaps and bounds

Classic yeast pancakes and fresh milk.

Milk, butter, eggs, flour — these are the main ingredients for these pancakes. Fry pancakes traditionally, in a pan, greasing its vegetable oil. We serve pancakes to sour cream, jam, condensed milk …

Recipe — pancakes with yeast:

350 ml of fresh milk
50 ml of melted butter
2 eggs
10 grams of fresh or spoon teaspoon dry yeast
200 grams of wheat flour
tablespoon sugar
half teaspoon salt
vegetable oil for frying
How to cook pancakes on leaps and bounds: in a large bowl, mix milk and yeast until dissolved. Add the lightly beaten eggs, melted butter and whisk it all together.
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