Rice porridge

Delicious and healthy milk rice porridge.

Simple and quick to cook rice porridge with milk: pour cold rice water, boil it initially to semi-cooked and then pour the milk and porridge had occasion to full readiness. Add butter and a lovely family breakfast ready.

Recipe rice porridge breast:

cup rice
glass of water
a glass of milk
3 table spoons of sugar
pinch of salt
butter for the filling porridge
How to cook rice porridge milk: well washed rice pour cold water, add sugar, salt and stir, bring to a boil. Reduce to a minimum the fire, cover the pan with a lid and is no longer stirring, boil water give.
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Pasta with sausages

How banal pasta with boiled sausages converted into original dish.

There is nothing easier than to cook pasta for lunch and boiled sausages. But in this matter can be approached creatively and have a little patience, make an attractive-looking dish. Believe me, the kids will love it!

Recipe — pasta with sausages:

thin pasta «spaghetti»
hot dogs or sausages
Water and salt
Preparation: sausage cut into desired size pieces, strung them on pasta.

Pasta with sausages
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