Sponge cakes

Sponge cakes

Simple to prepare, tender sponge cake, with chocolate and coconut.

Initially ispechёm cake-cake from the available ingredients, and then we cut it on the cake. Each cake obmaknёm the liquid chocolate icing and decorate with coconut.

Recipe — pirozhnyeretsept sponge — sponge cakes

For the sponge:

3 raw eggs
150 grams of sugar
125 ml of fresh milk
100 ml vegetable oil (refined)
tablespoon baking powder floor
tablespoon of vanilla sugar
250 grams of good quality flour
For the glaze:
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Lemon cake

Lemon Cake

Homemade delicious lemon cake with grapes.

For the lemon flavor in the cake dough add chopped zest and lemon juice. More will need butter, olive oil, eggs, a little white wine, brown sugar, and seedless grapes. Instead of grapes, you can choose any other berry.

Recipe — lemon cake:

100 grams of brown sugar
50 grams of butter
110 grams of wheat flour
half a teaspoon of baking powder
white wine 100ml
2 raw eggs
from half a lemon peel grinded
spoon half of lemon juice
50 ml olive oil
seedless white grapes 150 grams
a little brown sugar, for sprinkling cake
for greasing form butter
Preparation: Pour the wine into a bowl, put on fire and boil for 5 minutes, beat soft butter with brown sugar, then add eggs, chopped zest and stir. Mix the sifted flour with baking powder, add to oil-egg mixture and stir. Wine mix with olive oil, add the dough. This same add lemon juice and mix our final dough until smooth.
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Puff pastries

Puff pastries

When friends come to visit, or you need to put the tea with some goodies. Let your choice will not fall on the banal bagels or cake shop, think of something more original. For example, personally cooked puff pastries to yogurt.

This is a very simple recipe of delicious cakes. Time for cooking will take a little bit and that is important, the ingredients involved in the cooking can always be handy in any refrigerator.
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Sand cakes

Sand cakes

Very tasty cakes with jam sand.

Knead the dough on a traditional shortbread margarine. Bake cakes, jam and collect smear cake. Put the cake for a few more minutes in the oven, and then, until the cake is hot, cut into cakes.
Recipe — sand cakes:

200 grams of margarine
cup sugar
half a glass of water
3 cups flour
half teaspoon baking soda (to pay off with vinegar)
any thick jam
Preparation sand cakes: melt the margarine in a bowl on the stove, add the sugar and stir well to dissolve. Then pour the water, add hydrated soda and stir. Pour the sifted flour and knead the dough. We place the dough in the bag and send in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.
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