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Marshmallow cake

Marshmallow cake

The original marshmallow cake with fruit and whipped cream.

This cake attracted by its ease of preparation: no need to knead the dough and bake cakes.

The only thing to pay attention to, it tastes like marshmallows — it is desirable that it was natural, no flavor fruit essences.
Cake without baking with marshmallows can be prepared with any fruit, they can be changed according to the season and to taste.

Recipe of cake marshmallow

12 pieces of marshmallow
2 ripe bananas
4 kiwi
3 Mandarin
shelled walnuts 100 grams
For the cream:

300 grams of whipping cream
cup sugar
bag thickener for cream
tea spoon of lemon juice
How to cook: marshmallow divide in half and each half cut into 2 pieces lengthwise.

Peeled fruit and cut into thin slices.

For the cream: whisk the cream with sugar when will the mass of fluffy, add the thickener for cream, lemon juice and whisk More. If you do not have time to prepare the cream, you can use whipped cream from the store.

The dish was covered with cling film, and spread on a layer of marshmallow plates. To lay thicker marshmallows, you can trim the sides and fill the empty space to receive the scraps. Grease marshmallow cream, sprinkle with nuts, then put a layer of fruits again — cream and so on alternate layers of marshmallow cream, nuts and fruits in any sequence.

Top decorate the cake with marshmallows and fruit to your taste and desire. Ready cake marshmallow put a few hours in the refrigerator to frozen cream.