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Cake Smetannikov

Cake Smetannikov

Delicious and original Smetannikov cake with apple and sour cream.

The recipe for this cake is present everywhere cream: in the dough for baking cakes and cream, which is made from cream, lemon peel and sugar. Only in the second sour cream there. But this cream made from apple cake will give our special taste and aroma.

Recipe for Cake Smetannikov:

Dough for cakes:

sour cream — 200 grams
honey — tablespoon
2 raw eggs
cup sugar
soda (hydrated vinegar) — half a teaspoon
sifted flour
For the sour cream:

cup sugar
sour cream — 500 grams
zest of one lemon
For apple cream:

5-6 apples
cup sugar
butter — tablespoon
pounded nuts
How to cook a cake Smetannikov: dough, whisk the eggs and sugar, add honey, sour cream, soda and stir. Then, in small portions, gradually add the flour until the dough will not turn your consistency as a curd.

Share received the dough into 3 equal parts, and one by one, each part, bake in the oven: grease a baking butter, spread, flatten the dough and put in the oven at 220 degrees. Bake a cake until golden rosy color.

Cooled cakes cut, sharp knife horizontally in half. The result is a 6 cakes.

The cream of the cream: Pour the cream into the chilled sugar, rub on a fine grater zest from the lemon and stir.

Cream of apples: Apples from the cleanse skin and core, cut into small pieces and add it to the saucepan. Add the apples and boil some water a little bit them on a low heat until soft. Then wipe the apples through a sieve, add sugar, add the butter and stir.

Cut the cake side of sour cream lubricates, we place him second cake browned side down, and the top lubricates apple cream. Thus, alternating cream and apple cream lubricates all the cakes, not forgetting sprinkle with nuts.

On top of the cake ready Smetannikov decorate to your taste: nuts, chocolate, berries and fruits.