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Duct puff pastry

Duct puff pastry

Sweet rolls of finished puff pastry with cherry.

This is a very simple and quick dessert of puff ready unleavened dough stuffed with cherries. Cherries can use frozen or fresh, pitted. Top tube pour cream condensed milk and sour cream to get soft and delicate cakes, rolls.

Recipe choux puff pastry:

500g puff Puff dough
500 grams of cherries
For the cream:

300 grams of sour cream
floor cans of condensed milk
spoon of sugar
How to prepare rolls of flaky dough: defrosted dough is rolled out and cut it into rectangles of the required size. On each rectangle, with one end, put in a little row of cherries, pitted and turn into a tube. Ducts can be small or large, if desired.

Baking lightly lubricated with oil and lay on it wrapped tubes. Put in hot, at 200 degrees, the oven and bake until golden in color.

For the cream, beat all the ingredients.

Shift the case, the new tube in a container with borders and when completely cool, pour the cream. Move rolls of puff pastry in the fridge for 3-4 hours for impregnation, after which they will be ready for the feast.