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Cake basket

Cake basket

Lovers of sweet — cake basket, decorated with cream protein.

Baskets for these cakes will be baked from dough and cream prepared from egg whites with powdered sugar. The basket, a cream, you can put any fresh fruit, berries, or a bit of jam and cream, if desired, can be made with chocolate, add a little cocoa powder.

Recipe cake basket

For the dough:

300-350 grams of flour
sugar — glass
2 fresh eggs
butter or margarine 200 grams of butter
For the cream:

powdered sugar 4 tablespoons tablespoons
2 egg whites chilled
the juice of half a lemon
How to cook a cake basket: soft butter triturated with sugar, add the beaten eggs, sifted flour and mix until smooth. The resulting dough is wrapped in a piece of food foil and send it in the fridge for an hour.

Chilled dough is rolled out with a rolling pin into the layer, 0.5 cm thick, no more. Glass cut out circles of dough and put them in the molds for cakes, an oil-lubricated.

Gray oven to 200 degrees and put it in the molds with the dough for 20 minutes, bake until golden brown. Slightly cooled baskets carefully We reach from the molds.

Prepare the cream: whisk the egg whites chilled in a stable fluffy lather, adding while whipping small amounts lemon juice and powdered sugar.

Cooked cream spread in a pastry bag or a plastic bag with the corner cut off.

At the bottom lay a little cooled baskets of berries, sliced ​​fruit or jam, and the squeezing out of the bag on top of your right amount of cream. Top pastry tarts with cream decorate to your taste: grated chocolate, nuts, berries or any other grit.