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Chicken breast with pineapple

Chicken breast with pineapple

Grilled chicken breast with pineapple and bell pepper, and soy sauce.

Separately, fry the pieces of chicken and peppers with ginger. Then simmer the ingredients with fresh or canned pineapple and sauce, which is prepared from soy sauce and apple cider vinegar with the addition of sugar.
Recipe chicken breast with pineapple:
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Tomato soup puree

Tomato soup puree

Delicious soup of baked tomatoes, chicken broth with cheese croutons.

Fresh tomatoes baked in the oven, then ground in a blender puree. Add the tomato and chicken broth, spices and served with cheese croutons that fry in a pan with cheese.

The recipe for a tasty tomato soup puree:

1.2 kg of fresh tomatoes of the same size
2 tablespoons tablespoons vegetable oil (preferably olive)
ground pepper and salt
4 garlic cloves
quarter teaspoon thyme
a quarter teaspoon of red pepper, cereals
liter of chicken broth
For the croutons:
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Fried cheese balls

Fried cheese balls
Fried cheese balls

Original savory snacks — fried cheese balls in butter with garlic.

Hard cheese, eggs, flour and knead the dough from which will form cheese balls. For savory snacks in the dough, you can add garlic, a little more or less — as you like. Fry the balls of cheese in a large number of sunflower oil.
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